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Uni Final Year Project

At Bajau, we are dedicated to preserving and sharing the rich heritage and unique maritime culture of the Bajau people. Known for their profound connection to the ocean, the Bajau have thrived for centuries across Southeast Asia's coastal and inland waters, living in harmony with the sea. Our mission is to safeguard this extraordinary culture and its traditional practices, which offer invaluable insights into sustainable living and environmental stewardship.

 The “SEA NOMADS” exhibition aims to captivate visitors with the beauty and intricacies of Bajau culture while highlighting the important ecological and social issues they face.

Embark on a unique journey with us at 'SEA NOMADS,' an immersive exhibition that sails through the Bajau people's life, culture, and marine mastery. Known as the 'Sea Nomads,' the Bajau have thrived in harmony with the ocean for centuries, developing unique sustainable practices that resonate with today’s global efforts toward environmental conservation. This is an experience you won't want to miss.

We not only celebrate a remarkable culture but also invite you, our esteemed audience, to be an integral part of a movement to protect the invaluable knowledge and traditions of the Bajau people. Your presence and support are crucial in honouring their legacy and contributing to a sustainable future.

In BAJAU STORE, our core objective is to help the Bajau community become economically self-sufficient by transforming the traditional Bajau art of making Borak into a unique product for the global marketplace. Borak, a natural and organic sunscreen based on ancient traditions, protects the skin from the sun and carries the Bajau people's deep cultural connection to the sea and respect for the natural environment.

Through BAJAU STORE, we sell this traditional product and ensure that every sale benefits the Bajau makers and their communities through fair trade.